Diplo, Skrillex & Bieber talk ‘Where are U now’


You won’t hate Justin Bieber anymore after this VIDEO: Diplo, Skrillex & Bieber break down the process of creating where are ü now for The New York Times.

Skrillex and Diplo casually introduced Justin Bieber into the world of EDM, opening up the opportunity for him to perform to people over the age of 16. “It’s a whole new crowd” says Justin, as he explains how it felt performing at a venue that would usually heckle him.

You know, we’ve all grown to hate Justin Bieber, whether it’s jealousy for his fame, or just his attitude in general… but times have changed, people are moving forward with their lives, and so is Bieber. That being said, it may be time to accept Bieber and cut him some slack… ‘Where are you now’, one of the biggest tracks of 2015 was really prominently Bieber’s voice, mixed, mashed and destroyed to make something beautiful that no one had ever heard before. ‘That flute sound’ everyone keeps referring to is actually Justin’s voice… mind = blow. The talent that flows through the veins of Diplo and Skrillex really is inspirational, and exceedingly special. Deadmau5 can hate it all he wants, he’s just upset he didn’t think of it first.

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