HOLD THE PHONE! Deadmau5 Coffee Run with Darude


Deadmau5 has finally released another coffee run episode this time taking Darude for a spin.

Ville Virtanen, better known by his stage name Darude /dəˈruːd/, is a Finnish electronic dance music producer and DJ from Eura, Hinnerjoki, Finland. Ville aka Darude was originally recognised for his hit single ‘Sandstorm’, which hit the charts way back in 2000. Darude is one of the earliest house music producers to emerge into the EDM scene. Some would say his contribution to early techno music laid the foundations to electronic dance music.

In this 40 minute episode, Deadmau5 & Darude talk TV shows, hardware, cars, global warming and of course, Darude foots the Tim Horton’s bill.

So why was Darude was visiting Canada? Ville was tour with his new album Moments, his first full length release in eight years. But even with the new material, Darude still finds room in his sets for Sandstorm: “Contrary to what people believe, I’m not tired of the track,” he tells the Deadmau5. “What I’m sometimes tired of is that with every reporter, every interview, that’s the main question always…I like to think that I’ve done plenty of other good stuff as well.”

Be part of EDM History, and watch this blast from the past re-emerge into the industry.