ECKY FLOATABLES: Sunglasses That Float!


Ecky Floatables is a revolutionary company with an engaging innovation to the sunglasses industry. Their sunglasses are stylish and trendy, produced in multiple styles and colours, and are constructed using durable polycarbonate material making them float.

How many sunglasses have you lost over the waters edge, only to watch them sink into the darkness? How many sunglasses cost you over two-hundred dollars, so you neglect from taking them on your boating trips? Ecky Floatables sunglasses float making them retrievable, so you won’t have to go and purchase another pair, saving you time and money. Because they float, you can wear them out on the water worry-free, protecting your investment and your eyes from the harmful UV sun rays. By owning a pair of Floatables, you’re reducing the stress of losing another pair of sunnies while on a fishing trip, or out on the jet ski. Finally, by purchasing a pair of sunglasses that float you can increase your life experience and bring amazement among friends. ECKY Floatables offers more than a range of sunglasses that float. They offer a solution to a prominent problem in the water sports industry. They have identified the problem, and provided a solution. Identify your customers problem, and provide them with a feasible solution.