Dance to Charge your phone // Kinetic Energy Charger by Ampy


Have you ever been on the dance floor and checked your phone to see you’re only at 5% battery? The frustration that goes along with having a shitty battery life can interrupt some of the best moments in life… However A Chicago startup named Ampy has decided to change all that.  Ampy has quite possibly solved one of clubland’s biggest technological plunders – a dead phone battery. Event attendee’s and club goers everywhere know the feeling of losing cellphone battery life while at a full-day festival or even just a regular night on the town. The design crew over at Ampy have constructed a device using green-energy initiative. Imagine the possibility of dancing the battery to full charge, you won’t have to miss your favourite DJ perform while you hang around and wait for your phone to charge at a charging station.
The Ampy device is pocket size and is designed to charge anything that uses a USB plug-in. By attaching the battery pack to yourself and walking your device will charge
through the power of kinetic energy. That being said, dancing at an EDM event or festival will provide enough energy to produce a full battery charge. This new innovative technology ought to be in every cell phone device.
In addition, the device is water proof so don’t worry about the rain or getting a little too sweaty with your dance moves. Ampy also collects data in regards to your carbon footprint reduction, showing you just how powerful this device is. Did I mention that it also counts calories lost? A component not many thought about, could be the difference between you catching your ride home, or walking a long distance through the night. (Unless you live down the street, then good for you)
This kickstarter campaign has been added to the list of top innovative items. The first round of shipments go out in July, right in time for the festival season. You can get your own Ampy Kinetic battery pack right here.