Coffee Run #12: Laidback Luke


Laidback Luke is a Filipino-Dutch DJ and producer. It’s the week of MIAMI ULTRA 2014 and the rockstar Dj’s & producers & are all in town. Laidback Luke was was voted #46 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list in 2008, before jumping to #27 in 2009 and jumping up 10 places in 2010. In this episode of Coffee Run, Deadmau5 takes Laidback Luke for a cruise around in the Miami heat while they chat about the EDM industry. Unfortunately Laidback Luke is not a coffee drinker so the Episode missed one of the main ingredients. However it’s quite entertaining watching these two music masterminds shooting the shit waving at fans who pass them by. Learn a few things about Laidback Lukes life; Hint: Married, 2 Children 1 on the way, 37 years old. Sorry Ladies.

“There’s no Floors at the Avicii Hotel, there’s Levels” – Deadmau5
“Holy Shit it is hot, milk was a bad choice” – Deadmau5 (Originally: Ron Burgandy)
“Martin Garrix is an Animal!” – Laidback Luke
“Have you seen Martin Garrix?” – “Have you Tried the Zoo, Ya I heard the guy like Animals” – Deadmau5
“I always say NAS reminds me of Chuckie” – Laidback Luke
Chuckie is nothing but trouble, Him and Carnage, you get those two together and it’s like Game Over” – Deadmau5
“I do Chuckie alot though, he’s real. He’s like how he is, thats him – Laidback Luke
“I got a new release coming out April 21st, it’s more like a futuristic Melbourne Bounce track I did” – Laidback Luke
“Do you do the Melbourne Shuffle to the Melbourne Bounce?” – Deadmau5